Advent & Christmas at Faith Church

"For unto us a child is born..."

Wait, us who? In a world divided by borders, languages, politics, and preferences, it can be easy to forget that the us is all of us. This Advent and Christmas season, we need a reminder of how big that us is! As we prepare and celebrate the birth of Christ, we'll share stories and hear the Scriptures read by missionaries from 5 different continents to 5 different continents (see below). Perhaps we'll catch a vision of "peace on earth and goodwill towards all people," and that the light of Christ is shining from everywhere to everywhere.

November 27, "The World is Waiting” (Hope) – Reader: Elizabeth Yambasu

December 4, “A Voice for the Outsiders” (Peace)  Reader: Edwin Campomanes

December 11, “More than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’” (Joy)  Readers: Trisha Manns & Hanna Reasoner

December 18, “The Holy Chosen Family” (Love)  Reader: Helen Camarce

December 24, “Room For Us—For All of Us”  Reader: John Nday

Christmas Eve Services

Join us for one of our communion and candlelight services meant to capture the spirit and promise of Christmas!

5:30 pm with Children's Pageant

7:30 pm with Special Music

11:00 pm with Choir

This season's Events

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