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Growing Forward

May 30–June 27

As we start the transition back to in-person worship—after 66 Sundays (462 days) worshipping in our own spaces—I thought I would preach a sermon series on resilience, our ability to get back up after falling down, to return to our former selves after a challenging 15 months. But then I started to realize that God doesn't actually want us to just be resilient: God isn't calling us to go back to the way things used to be. Instead, God is calling us to even more than we once were, to move forward, to grow, to embrace new possibilities.

As we work toward gathering in person again, on embracing life as mostly-vaccinated people, as we return to social lives and in-person school and offices outside our homes, we'll take a few weeks to look at stories from the Bible—not of resilience—but of GROWING FORWARD, all the while praying for God's leadership in the life of our congregation and for the courage to follow the Spirit into new places. It's going to be a great journey—I hope you'll join me.

May 30  |  Growing Forward (2 Corinthians 4:7–18)

June 6  |  Naomi on Honesty (Ruth 1:1–18, 4:13–17)

June 13  |  Hannah on Endurance (1 Samuel 1:4–20, 2:1–10)

June 20  |  Joseph on Hope (Genesis 37:1–28, 45:4–15)

June 27  |  Esther on Courage (Esther 7:1–10)


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