Committed to faith 2022–2023

As we look forward to not only a new program year beginning in July 2022, we are also welcoming a new pastor. In preparation, we are asking all the members of Faith Church to consider recommitting to their Christian faith and to the mission and ministry of Faith Church.

Pledge online

As part of your commitment to Christian faith and to Faith Church, please prayerfully consider what financial commitment you would like to make to the church for the program year July 2022–June 2023. We are very excited about opening back up, doing things we haven't been able to do, and even reaching new people, and to do that we will need to spend more than we have been spending during the pandemic.

Our budget goal for 2022–2023 is $800,000!

Read more about how we reached this number.

As of June 2022, we have not reached this goal, and we are expecting a budget shortfall. Please consider increasing and updating your pledge or regular giving to ensure that everything we love about Faith Church and its ministries can continue into the future!

Pledge Online Here

Give or update your regular giving here.

You will be asked to log in to FaithOnline.

employer matching

Many employers provide programs to match employee donations toward qualifying charitable programs. Participating in these programs essentially doubles your gift. Ask your benefits coordinator or HR representative if your employer provides matching gifts, so you can maximize the benefit of your gift to Faith.

Employers such as Microsoft also match volunteer hours with financial gifts, so be sure to ask about that as well!

Contact Ted Gladhill for more information on who to talk to, how the money is transferred, and more about the benefits of signing up for such programs.

Contact Kevin Hart to learn more about how this money is designated in our budget.

An Easy Way to Donate stocks

There is an easy way to transfer stocks and RSUs to Faith Church through Faith Foundation Northwest (formerly Northwest United Methodist Foundation).

Visit their website to learn more about what they do, as well as ways you can write Faith Church into your estate plans or donate stocks.

If you're ready to donate stock now, click the button below to use their donation form.

Gift of Stock Form

other ways to Give

In addition to supporting the general budget with regular tithes and offerings, you can also give in the following ways, many of which allow for tax deductions:

  • Name Faith Church in your estate plans
  • Donate personal property as a gift-in-kind
  • Have your IRA minimum required distributions (RMDs) sent directly to Faith Church
  • Establish a donor-advised fund from which your pledge and other donations can be made

Other Resources

Below are links to more information about non-cash giving and taxes:

Direct any questions to Ted Gladhill.


Giving to the church is a grateful response to God’s love in our lives, but pledging can be stressful for some, especially during these uncertain times. We address some concerns that have been raised about pledging, which we hope will alleviate some stress.

What’s the point of pledging? Isn’t it the same thing to put money in the offering basket on Sundays?

We ask people to pledge for two reasons. Practically speaking, the finance team can more easily and accurately plan next year’s budget when we know approximately what to expect in income. Spiritually speaking, and more importantly, your process of prayerfully asking God to guide your decision and then making a commitment to serve God with your financial gifts is an act of worship and an expression of gratitude. Growing in generosity takes intentional commitment, writing down your commitment and turning it in is an act of discipleship. 

How much should I pledge?

The Bible asks us to give the first 10% of our harvest (or our paychecks!) to God’s work in the world. That may seem like an overwhelming amount, but we encourage you to think of it as a goal to work toward, instead of a mandate. Set aside what percentage of your income you can this year and increase as you can until you reach or surpass the biblical tithe, giving away 10% or more. 

What happens if I can’t fulfill my commitment?

You are welcome to increase or decrease your commitment as you need to during the year as your circumstances change. The important thing now is simply to make a commitment, but this is not a contractual obligation. Don’t let your inability to give financially keep you from participating fully in our congregation. 

If you are in need and the church can help you, please let Pastor Ric know.

Who will see my commitment card?

Your commitment card will be held in the strictest confidence by our financial secretary, Ted Gladhill, and Pastor Elizabeth. Ted will use this information to help our finance team understand the church’s anticipated income for the year and to keep you informed about your own giving via FaithOnline. Pastor Elizabeth will access this information only to pray for you and give thanks for your generosity. Your commitment helps her to know where you are on the journey of discipleship, which will help her to be a better pastor to you.

If you have additional questions contact, Kevin Hart, Finance Chair, or Ted Gladhill, Financial Secretary.