Update your pledge information

Update Your Repeating Gift

Did you know that 35% of Faith givers haven't updated their online gifts since they set it up—in some cases as long ago as 2018?

Most likely this phenomenon is mainly due to the convenient practice of setting up giving as an autopay. If you haven't looked at your pledge in a while, use the following instructions to check on your giving history in FaithOnline and update your pledge for the 2022–2023 program year.

  1. Log in to FaithOnline here.
  2. In the left-side menu, click on "My Giving."
  3. Click on "SCHEDULES / HISTORY" at the top, and look at your Repeating Gift Schedules. (You can also conveniently look at your entire giving history.)
  4. To change your repeating online gift, you will have to cancel the current one (using the CANCEL button on the right) and start a new repeating gift.
  5. To start a new repeating gift, click on "GIVE" at the top, choose the Repeating Gift button, and fill out all your information.
  6. Choose the "Pledges" designation (NOT the dated "Pledges 2021–2022" designation) and choose start (July 2022) and end dates for your gifts.

Switch from Checks to Online Giving

Over the years, checks sent to the church have been stolen several times. Both personal checks and check-based bill pay from the bank have been stolen.

We would love to recommend that you switch your regular pledge gifts to online giving with a credit/debit card or direct deposit (EFT), both of which you can do through FaithOnline. Follow the instructions above to set it up.

How to give

Instructions for Online Giving

  • To simply make a one-time donation, click here, fill out your information, and click SUBMIT. You may designate your donation to a particular fund if you wish.
  • To set up recurring donations, you must log in to FaithOnline. Click GIVE in the left menu, choose between "one-time payment" and "recurring payment," and fill out your information.

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