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Vacation Bible School 2023: Hero Hotline

Hero Hotline

August 14–18, 2023

Ready to unleash your inner superhero? Hero Hotline VBS invites children of all ages to learn about their gifts and how every hero has a role to play!

Children age 3 (and potty-trained) through incoming 5th-graders

Faith Church Issaquah (3924 Issaquah Pine Lake Rd, Sammamish)

Monday, August 14 through Friday, August 18
  • DAILY PROGRAM: 9:00 am–12:00 pm
  • VBS SUNDAY: Sunday, August 20, at 10:30 am (families invited)

The fee of $50 per child covers materials, snacks, and T-shirts for every participant.
Fee increases to $60 on June 1.

Scholarships are available.

 Contact Abby for more information.

Register for VBS

The Details

what your child will be doing

  1. We start the morning off in the sanctuary learning the VBS songs and dance moves! This is a great way to break the ice and get them excited for the day!
  2. We will then head to our daily rotations which consist of the Bible story lesson, crafts, science, outdoor play and of course snacks!
  3. We will end the day back in the sanctuary singing the songs and saying our goodbyes for the day!

If your child has special needs

  1. To ensure you and your child’s comfort we would invite you to meet with our CYFM Leader, Abby Kleinknecht before VBS. You can communicate in more detail your child’s special needs and how we can best support them.
  2. When we assign the children to groups, we will communicate with the child’s leader their needs and any specifics they need to know. 
  3. If needed, we can have an extra leader in your child’s group to help them have a great time at VBS.

rules and expectations

Our goal is for Vacation Bible School to be a safe and fun environment for the kids to learn about God! To ensure this, we have rules to keep our kids safe.

  1. Firearms, weapons, drugs, and alcohol are not allowed on Faith Church premises. 
  2. We know that some kids might not get along well, but we encourage kids to keep their hands to themselves and avoid hitting each other. 
  3. To keep the children safe, we encourage you to tell your kids to listen to their leaders and those in charge. If there are any behavior issues, we will address them on a case-by-case basis. 
  4. If your child has any dietary restrictions or allergies, please contact Abby Kleinknecht to make the needed arrangements.
  5. We organize the kids in groups based on age and how many children are registered. We can’t guarantee your child will be in the same group as their friend or sibling. 
  6. Due to the time it takes to plan and order the necessary supplies for each child, if you cannot come to VBS after you've registered, we will only offer refunds if you let us know before July 1st. 

Weather considerations

  1. Our main weather concerns in August would be extreme heat. Like many buildings and residences in our area, the church building does not have air conditioning. If we were to experience extreme heat, we would keep the church well ventilated with fans and cooling stations. There will be water given regularly (this will happen regardless of temperature). The cooling stations will include cold water, cold cloths, and snacks to refuel our bodies with electrolytes. Parents should also plan to send children to the church with sunscreen and appropriate protective clothing, like hats for the sun.
  2. If we experience rain that week, we will put up tents outdoors so the children can still get outdoor play time. Parents should also plan to send children to the church with appropriate protective clothing.

Your child’s safety is our utmost priority, and we will do everything in our ability to keep them safe and well.

safe church policy

Faith Church's Safe Church Policy was developed and implemented for the purpose of keeping the most vulnerable among us safe from dangerous situations, misconduct, or abuse. The highlights of the policy as they directly pertain to VBS are listed below. If you would like to review the entire policy, you can download it here.

  1. Filling out the registration form will give us the information we need regarding your child’s medical needs and whether or not we can post photos/videos of your child on our website or social media pages.
  2. We will have contact information for each child’s parents/guardians.
  3. All of our volunteers will be background checked and will have gone through our Safe Church training program.
  4. First aid kits will be easily accessible around the church and in the classrooms/outside.
  5. There will never be an instance where one adult and one child are alone together. If using the restroom, there will be at least three people in the facility at a time. 
  6. Anytime an adult thinks that their own or another adult’s behavior towards a youth/child—either touching, verbal, or nonverbal—may have been perceived as inappropriate, that adult shall immediately verbally report the behavior to the leader in charge.
  7. Adequate supervision of your children is very important to us, and we will follow our Safe Church Policy adult-to-participant ratio for each age group.

If you have any questions regarding our Safe Church Policy, please feel free to reach out to Abby Kleinknecht.

More about the Program

In the depths of a colorful underground cave, is the beating heart of the hero community: the Hero Hotline Headquarters where everyone's gifts are valued and every hero has a role to play. Each day at the Hero Hotline Headquarters, superheroes of all ages and abilities answer the call and join the Professor and veteran hero, Super Meer the Meerkat, to provide expert assistance and solutions to Hero Teams everywhere.

When Heroes in the field call in, the Professor, Super Meer, and our team of heroes will spring into action and explore the ultimate Hero Handbook—the Bible—to discover how all Heroes can follow the examples set by a cast of supporting Bible Heroes in stories from the Old and New Testaments, who work together to bring peace, build each other up, and share the great story of God's love for us where they are and with the whole world.

As kids (called Heroes) experience these stories through music, drama and storytelling, games, arts and crafts, science, and even snacks, they'll learn that Heroes are called to Follow Jesus, Help Others, Work Together, Listen to God, and Show Grace! And, best of all, they'll be invited to answer this call at VBS, at church, at home, and every area of their lives.